10 papers of PhD candidates in Front Immunol Research Topic

Great work...! Here are the 10 reviews co-authored by PhD/MD candidates of the RTG in the Research Topic "Autoimmune Pre-Disease":

- Stenger et al, Potential effects of shift work on skin autoimmune diseases 
- Niebur & Bahreini et al, Analysis of T cell repertoires of CD45RO CD4 T cells in cohorts of patients with bullous pemphigoid: A pilot study
- Buhre et al, IgG subclass and Fc glycosylation shifts are linked to the transition from pre- to inflammatory autoimmune conditions
- Ohmes et al, Dysregulation and chronicity of pathogenic T cell responses in the pre-diseased stage of lupus
- Brieske et al, Immunogenic cell death as driver of autoimmunity in granulomatosis with polyangiitis
- Papara et al, The relevance of complement in pemphigoid diseases: A critical appraisal
- Opleka et al, Type XVII collagen: Relevance of distinct epitopes, complement-independent effects, and association with neurological disorders in pemphigoid disorders
- Saurabh et al, A survey of genome-wide association studies, polygenic scores and UK Biobank highlights resources for autoimmune disease genetics
- Biswas et al, IL-10 revisited in systemic lupus erythematosus
- Schanzenbacher et al, Anaphylatoxins spark the flame in early autoimmunity

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